PT Torrecid Indonesia

PT Torrecid Indonesia

Chemical Manufacturing

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TORRECID is a Globalized Multinational Business Group founded in 1963, dedicated to providing products, services, solutions and future trends to the Ceramic and Glass Sector. Torrecid Group is present in 29 countries around the world with customers in more than 130 countries. Its headquarters are located in Alcora - Castellón, in Spain. Torrecid Group is present in Indonesia since 1995 under the name of PT Torrecid Indonesia. Our business in Indonesia focused on providing services and solutions for ceramic tiles and glass industries. Indonesia's main and biggest Ceramic Factories have become our customers since 1995 and continue to cooperate with us to this day in providing new innovation and trends to Indonesia's ceramic market.

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Ethic, Innovation, Quality, Service and Marketing are our pillars of success. Our work and products rely heavily on innovation and trend that we give to the market. As trendsetter in this industry we’re continuously to launch new technology and provide our customers with best service by giving them new solutions for their problems in chemicals, technology and trends; thus making research, solving problems and creating innovation as important parts of our company. We ensure our quality through our products, our service and our people, which making our people not only orienting their work toward innovation and improvement but also on the impact they contribute to our customers and ceramic industries. Working in Torrecid is a combination of continuous learning process and fighting to conquer the toughest challenge and most difficult problem in the market. Our people are required to take initiative, being innovative in solving problem, work and learn independently and to be courageous in facing challenges and competitions. The career growth of our people depends on their performance and their achievement. Our people will be assess based on the result of their work, and their attitude in their daily activity. Torrecid is committed to give wide opportunity to our people and to develop them as far as their ability and capacity allows them.

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