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Education has become one of the basic human needs in the world. A way to enhance life, education should define its quality from the very first step. Innovation, excellence, quality are some of the traits that good education should have and induce to its students. BINA NUSANTARA started its path towards today’s grandness with a humble beginning. Hard work, dedication, commitment, and clear vision combined with the passion to educate young minds have led this institution, once a small computer course to transform into an integrated educational institution, educating generations of students over the course of Fourty one years. At BINA NUSANTARA, every single element is entitled to the spirit of enhancing lives through education. Ensuring every parents that their children will receive nothing but the best in quality education, endorsing every students to achieve nothing but their personal best in various fields. This spirit is implemented in each unit in the BINA NUSANTARA group, from Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, Doctoral Program, to Training Center (Informal Education). Staff, teachers, lecturers, and students are committed in enhancing not only their lives, but also the generation as a whole. However, the dream on becoming a World-Class Knowledge Institution never ends. BINA NUSANTARA commits to continuously learning and developing towards the future, where each step taken is a worthy contribution for achieving the goal of becoming an institution for global generation.

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Learning Operations & Facilities Section Head
“BINUS is half of my life. I have learned many things at BINUS, I can even say that BINUS is one of the large percentages that made me who I am today.”

Bernadeta Susilo Martanti

Learning Partner & Operation Section Head
“BINUS is a space of expression for me. A place where I can unleash my potential that I can’t express anywhere else.”