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Sampoerna Schools System



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Job Description

  • Advise and assist Project Principal. as the strategic and technical focal point of all SDO programs and program delivery coordination related to assigned projects. Tasks include, but are not limited to, donor engagement, negotiation, planning, coordination, socialization, presentation of programs/projects, and program results
  • Develop a project plan (covering the scope program and resources required) of the project assigned in accordance and with reference to the program design and approved project framework by the donor/clients
  • Map and monitor program performance indicators and deliverables (MoV) defined in the project plan, ensuring quality program delivery of the assigned project in general, and in meeting the performance measured in the project evaluation
  • Provide advisory and recommendation to Project Principal on strategies to ensure all activities of the project meet the program objectives and outputs, resulting to the expected outcomes of the program, that will reflect in the performance result of the project evaluation
  • In coordination with Resources Management and Program Specialist Coordinator, responsible in planning and assigning all (internal & external) facilitators and coach/mentors to be deployed in all ongoing project assigned; conduct orientation session and performance monitoring to external facilitators based on the facilitator performance standards. The assignment of facilitators putting in mind to maximize net profit and project objective of the related project
  • Define assignment for facilitators/consultants in accordance to the project plan, articulated in the activity plan; communicate the previous visit to the assigned facilitators; provide technical assistance to them on program content; compile pre-post-test documentation, calculated by the assigned facilitators, and provide recommendation, in coordination with Resources Management (as a part of quality assurance)
  • In coordination with Program Specialist Coordinator, develop and/or coordinate the development of supporting program documents (activity guidelines, syllabi, modules, handouts, learning resources, learning media, pre-post, worksheets) required by the projects are available and accessible by the (internal and external) facilitators/consultants, as assigned
  • Provide objective feedback/lesson-learned document, and recommendation on possible further improvement of SDO program, and co-revise with Program Improvement Coordinator
  • Involve in any adhoc development and/or Implementation support (facilitating/monev) that is required to meet the objectives of the program division particularly and/or directed by the department head or management


  • Have a good understanding on curriculum design and planning, including the integration of curricula, various instructional methods, approaches, strategies, and assessment
  • Acquire pedagogy and andragogy competencies, reflected in classroom and/or school experiences
  • Up to date on pedagogical theory and practical instructional and technology implementation
  • Able to improve learning outcomes to meet and/or exceed the proposal objectives
  • Able to show leadership, including but not limited to resolving conflicts, negotiating, and optimizing team productivity
  • Acquire good verbal and written communication skills

Required Skills:

  • Analytical thinking skill
  • Instructional leadership skill
  • Communication skill
  • Module (e-content) writing skill
  • Well-versed facilitating skill

Company Information

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Sampoerna Schools System
More than 500 persons