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Batas Pendaftaran: 30 November 2022, 10:28
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Tax Manager

Technology, Information and Internet
Diunggah 2023 years ago

Deskripsi Pekerjaan


We are looking for a Tax Manager responsible for managing taxes across the Ajaib group. Furthermore, you will be tasked with planning taxation strategies, establishing appropriate processes for task risk management, and ensuring compliance with state, federal, and international tax law through a series of systems and system controls.

Life at Ajaib

As a Fintech company, the Finance department is essential in carrying out a healthy financial flow within the company. We manage and handle any financial activity on behalf of the company to ensure the effectiveness of business running with minimal disruption!


  • Manage all taxes across the Ajaib group (including monthly SPT, annual SPT, and other tax requirements).
  • Plan taxation strategy for compliance and optimization (e.g., the impact of changes to laws and regulations on tax liabilities, tax structuring for merger and acquisition activity, transfer pricing, etc.).
  • Plan and establish appropriate systems or processes for tax risk management.
  • Manage tax-specific transaction recording and records maintenance (e.g., tax journals, capital expenditure details required for tax calculations, tax depreciation schedules, etc.).
  • Ensure state, federal, and international tax law compliance through systems and system controls.


  • Previous working experience as a Tax Specialist in one of the reputable tax consultant firms in Indonesia.
  • Minimum 4 years in tax consultant firm.
  • Have a Brevet tax certificate.


At Ajaib, we recognize how some of us can’t fit into only one type of work arrangement. That’s why we strive to have options and build the foundation of a flexible work structure and culture where "work can be from anywhere (WFA)". Work From Office (WFO) will become a WFA alternative when employees want to socialize and bond with colleagues in the office space.

Join us as we make magic happen to increase Indonesia’s financial inclusion!

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Technology, Information and Internet
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101-200 orang
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