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Technology, Information, and Internet

Content Ecology Operations Intern

a month ago



  • Participate content ecology strategy design of the content platform, and be responsible for content review, content classification, content evaluation, etc.
  • Assist in promoting the implementation of different projects, including but not limited to content labelling, data analysis, project management, etc.
  • Collect and analyze bad cases, and assist the operation in adjusting and controlling content quality and platform painting style;
  • Work closely with product, operation and research and development teams to push the project to the final landing.


  • Undergraduate or graduate students in school. Can guarantee attendance for 4 days or more per week, and can practice for 5 months or more is preferred;
  • love beauty fashion related content, sensitive to trends of beauty fashion related content and have a certain understanding of creators are preferred;
  • Familiar with content platforms and SNS, and heavy users such as Instagram,TikTok,Pinterest are preferred;
  • Active learning ability, communication and coordination ability, strong pressure resistance, good project management and self-driven awareness;
  • Have basic data analysis ability, can support table data sorting and make simple analysis, data-driven and result-oriented.

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Technology, Information, and Internet
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